Easter Egg Decorating :P

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I told my siblings that I had a very special Easter egg for them to decorate today. It took them a while to realize that I was talking about my massive baby bump! I had a lot of options when it came to doing something like this, including pregnancy belly art kits, fabric paint on… Read more.

$10 Fab.com Credit from Wrapp and Free Shipping!

Here’s one of those totally awesome deals that I really want to share with everyone! If you’re not familiar with the app Wrapp, it’s a free app that allows you to send free gift e-cards to facebook friends. I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but they have a $10 Fab.com gift credit that you can send to friends right now. This is really helpful if you have a close friend on facebook who will be sweet enough to send you a gift credit back.

Fab.com has a lot of random and cool stuff, and if you buy something that’s $10 or less, you’ll automatically be getting it free with the $10 gift credit. That makes some adorable/awesome stuff totally free, and you don’t have to pay shipping at this time! Jump on it fast before it’s all out!


I’d appreciate it if anyone who isn’t signed up at Fab.com could sign up through my link: http://fab.com/60dfo5

This is what I got with my free $10 gift credit from Wrapp:




There are five of these adorable mugs, and all you have to do to find them is type Mood Mug in the search bar at the top. They’re each on sale for $10, so with a Wrapp gift credit and free shipping, absolutely free to you! Choose wisely, they’re all adorable!

“Hi, my name is Jess and I’m a Coke addict.”

Believe it or not, addictions to legal substances, such as Coca-Cola, are actually quite common and in some cases, more dangerous than addictions to illegal substances. Fortunately, my addiction isn’t too bad, but it definitely has it’s amusing stories!
For instance, I went to bed and fell asleep around 11 last night. I woke up around 1 with a severe headache that soon revealed itself to be a migraine. Now, the trouble with being pregnant and getting migraines is that there’s not a while lot you can do about them. Taking a standard, pregnancy safe pain killer, such as Tylenol, just doesn’t cut it. Aspirin is a huge no-no. That leaves caffeine. Coke has caffeine…
A few days ago, my husband bought 2 2-liters of Coke, and teasingly hid one of them from me because I’m a fish for Coke. I told him I already knew it was in the garage, to which he admitted. “There aren’t a lot if places in the garage to hide it. I’ll find it, you know.” He seemed convinced that I wouldn’t.
So, at nearly 5 this morning, I woke him up. “I need caffeine.” He graciously got up to get the hidden Coke for me, and I added, “It’s in the attic, isn’t it?”
His too-quick “no!” told me I was right. “What made you think of the attic?” he asked me once he returned with my gold.
“Well you seemed so sure that I wouldn’t be able to find it. I thought to myself, ‘Where could he hide it that he knows I can’t get to (being 8 months pregnant)?’ and I of course I can’t climb the ten foot ladder, especially with no one spotting me… So yeah, attic.” He couldn’t believe I’d figured it out, even though there was no way for me to physically look there.
I tried to tell him when he hid it…I can find anything hidden if I want it badly enough!

Standing Out in a Small Way

As I’ve been piecing together my little guy’s nursery, I’ve realized that baby forest animal nursery items are either non-existent, hard-to-come-by, super expensive, or just not what I want. They simply are not popular at this time. Even so, I did manage to find some cute curtains/valances that I liked… but not well enough. I hated the prices, and the greens in all of them simply did not want to go with the greens in my nursery. Finally it dawned on me: “Duh, Jess! You know how to sew. You can draw(ish). Come up with your own valance and make it unique.” *facepalm* Why don’t I ask myself about these things earlier so I can save myself some time and effort?!

Here’s what I came up with: a tree branch valance. Nope, not a tree branch curtain rod, though those are totally awesome… A valance SHAPED like a tree branch. So I came up with this rough pc-drawn idea of what my valance would look like (do you like my owl? my own design!):

© Jess Fritzler 2013

© Jess Fritzler 2013

Check back later for an update to see how making a dream into reality is working out!

Saving Money on Cute Stuff

One of the most wonderful things I’ve discovered since I got married is CLEARANCE. Tied for second place are COUPONS and SALES. Just the other day, I discovered an awesome deal that gave me $25 off a $25 purchase at piperlime.com. I had no idea what piperlime.com sold, but I decided to check it out. I got the $25 code from a referral link on my favorite blog, hip2save.com. There I discovered the Skip Hop Owl Backpack (toddler sized backpack) for $20. I had to spend at least $5 more, so I bought something else random and ended up paying a whopping $5.29 for both items, in other words, getting the backpack for approx. 1/4 of it’s cost and a free something else (I think I bought some panties or something??). Basically, I paid what I’d normally have to pay for a website’s shipping costs. This is just one of my stories of an awesome buy, and yeah, I’m definitely gonna make use of this cute little guy! (btw, original post from hip2save.com: http://hip2save.com/2013/03/20/piperlime-com-hot-25-off-any-25-purchase-free-shipping-great-deals/)

DIY “Swaddler”

Just so no one gets confused, I call just about anything that can be used to swaddle a baby as a “swaddler”, which I’m not sure is a term anyone else uses, but now you know. For some time, I’ve been looking into the SwaddlePodSwaddleMe, and other such swaddling gear that might be easy enough for my dear husband to use when our little guy comes. In the end, I decided I wanted something that was a little bit of everything. Sure, I could teach him how to use a receiving blanket (any blanket really) to swaddle little guy, but I figured giving him a wiggling baby and too many folds would be more work than it was worth. SO, I found a cute little pattern on Pinterest and altered it a bit: http://prudentbaby.com/2010/02/baby-kid/diy-swaddle-blanket-pattern-2/.

This pattern is pretty basic. Take a yard of flannel, fold it once, cut, hem, done. I pretty much followed the blogger’s instructions, except that I decided not to do the flaps. I sorta felt that they wouldn’t be necessary, but I’ve got extra fabric if it turns out they’re needed for keeping wigglers snug.

I bought my fabric at Jo~Ann Fabrics. Seriously, always look for sales or coupons to use. Get your fabric as cheaply as you can so that you save the most money you can!

Mary (my test baby) Modeling DIY Swaddler

Mary (my test baby) Modeling DIY Swaddler

DIY Moby Wrap for Super Cheap

One of the most important things to me as an expectant mother is prepping to have my baby close at hand. I don’t want to be one of those moms who’s always babying their baby, but I do want my little guy to be able to snuggle comfortably with me when I’m around the house doing dishes and such if he needs to be.

SO… I dicovered the Moby Wrap… along with its outrageous price! I like to keep things thrifty, especially if it’s something I want but don’t necessarily NEED. If you were to look online for Moby Wrap prices, you’d see that they’re about $50-60, unless you get a clearance one, which could be around $40-50 instead. To me, those prices were a bit unreasonable, considering that the Moby wrap is made up of pretty much nothing but a really long, wide strip of flexible fabric. I started looking around, knowing that I’d never be able to get one for that price without hating myself for it.

That’s when I found this awesome DIY tutorial I found on Pinterest (along with many others, but this one is so very simple and saves the most money): http://www.alexamariezurcher.com/2013/01/diy-moby-wrap-in-3-easy-steps.html

I’m a big fan of Jo~Ann Fabrics, so I waited for a good 50% off coupon, found the fabric I needed (it was regular-priced at $12.99), got the 2.5 yards my tutorial friend suggested, and used my 50% off coupon. In the end, I spent a few cents over $17 and used random thread I had lying around the house to sew up the center seam. Seriously the cheapest, easiest infant carrier you could possibly make to wear. PLUS, the Moby Wrap can be used for older babies, too, and my husband doesn’t seem too horribly offended by the idea of possibly having to wear it. 😛

my diy moby

Me and Mary (my test baby) modeling our DIY Moby Wrap.

In conclusion, DIY Moby Wrap for super cheap. At most, you’ll spend around $35, but seriously, use coupons. Coupons are meant to be used, otherwise manufacturers and stores wouldn’t print, email, or app them.