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DIY “Swaddler”

Just so no one gets confused, I call just about anything that can be used to swaddle a baby as a “swaddler”, which I’m not sure is a term anyone else uses, but now you know. For some time, I’ve been looking into the SwaddlePodSwaddleMe, and other such swaddling gear that might be easy enough for my dear husband to use when our little guy comes. In the end, I decided I wanted something that was a little bit of everything. Sure, I could teach him how to use a receiving blanket (any blanket really) to swaddle little guy, but I figured giving him a wiggling baby and too many folds would be more work than it was worth. SO, I found a cute little pattern on Pinterest and altered it a bit:

This pattern is pretty basic. Take a yard of flannel, fold it once, cut, hem, done. I pretty much followed the blogger’s instructions, except that I decided not to do the flaps. I sorta felt that they wouldn’t be necessary, but I’ve got extra fabric if it turns out they’re needed for keeping wigglers snug.

I bought my fabric at Jo~Ann Fabrics. Seriously, always look for sales or coupons to use. Get your fabric as cheaply as you can so that you save the most money you can!

Mary (my test baby) Modeling DIY Swaddler

Mary (my test baby) Modeling DIY Swaddler


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