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Standing Out in a Small Way

As I’ve been piecing together my little guy’s nursery, I’ve realized that baby forest animal nursery items are either non-existent, hard-to-come-by, super expensive, or just not what I want. They simply are not popular at this time. Even so, I did manage to find some cute curtains/valances that I liked… but not well enough. I hated the prices, and the greens in all of them simply did not want to go with the greens in my nursery. Finally it dawned on me: “Duh, Jess! You know how to sew. You can draw(ish). Come up with your own valance and make it unique.” *facepalm* Why don’t I ask myself about these things earlier so I can save myself some time and effort?!

Here’s what I came up with: a tree branch valance. Nope, not a tree branch curtain rod, though those are totally awesome… A valance SHAPED like a tree branch. So I came up with this rough pc-drawn idea of what my valance would look like (do you like my owl? my own design!):

© Jess Fritzler 2013

© Jess Fritzler 2013

Check back later for an update to see how making a dream into reality is working out!


3 responses to “Standing Out in a Small Way

  1. shirkc

    I’ve decided I’m hiring you for my wedding (if I ever have one). You are super talented! 😀

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