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DIY Baby Clothes from T-shirts

A challenge unto myself:

How many baby clothing items can I make from one men’s large t-shirt? Let’s find out!!!

My hopes are that I’ll be able to make all of the following 0-6 mo layette items with ONE t-shirt:

My baby is due in late May, so most of the stuff I’m planning on making for him needs to be lightweight so he doesn’t overheat. Therefore, I’ll be using only one layer for each project. If I were to make clothing for colder times, I’d use two layers (so two t-shirts) or substitute one layer for flannel. Keep in mind that each of these patterns was designed by someone, and I will do my best to give credit to each and every project designer if that info is available. Remember, if you make any of these projects, they are for personal use only and not to be sold.

Plain White T

Hanes Men’s Large plain white T

I’m starting out with a plain white T, the kind you buy in packages of multiples that men often use as undershirts. Why? Well, firstly, I’m trying to save money, and these are dirt cheap! Secondly, I want to try out making as many items as possible on a boring T, not on a totally awesome one like I would normally do. If the individual projects all go well, then we’ll break out the awesome shirts!

Now I’ll lay out my patterns to make sure everything fits:

2013-04-11 19.31.17

OMG it all fits! I actually wasn’t expecting that… 😀 Win! As you can see, there is quite a bit of “blank space” in the right side of the picture, along with a measuring tape. I’ll have to extend my pattern by 14 inches for the sleep gown, as well as make expand it with a 3/4″ flare on either side. You may have noticed that the two pieces of the pattern are slightly different. They are identical except for the very top, where the neckline is slightly different for the back than the front. What I’ll end up doing is cutting both layers (one for back and one for front) at the same time and cut a bit extra around the neckline so I can cut each side as necessary. There are also a few things that need to have 4 pieces cut instead of 2, which I saved a bit of room for in the spaces that have the patterns’ original designers info stuck in.

Quick Update: Project #1 completed! I’ve finished the Sleep Gown!!! with some obvious but who-cares mistakes. 😛

It seems I've sewn the left arm on backwards! :P I used a drawstring instead of elastic--cheaper and just as easy to use!

It seems I’ve sewn the left arm on backwards! 😛 I used a drawstring instead of elastic–cheaper and just as easy to use!

Test baby Mary modelling the sleep gown. I think it'll work. ;D

Test baby Mary modelling the sleep gown. I think it’ll work. ;D

Another t-shirt sleep gown I made out of a boys large shirt (this time with elastic and no fold over mitts):

2013-04-24 10.09.05

I skipped onto the shoes, knowing they’d be a bit trickier than the hat and mitts… Turns out, I was right! They’re super cute and not too difficult to make, but more time consuming than I expected. I altered the pattern ever so slightly to make it work with T shirt material (added a second layer for the sole), and used a strip of T shirt instead of elastic. Not quite sure how I’ll feel about that choice in the end, but so far, I’m pleased with the results! Crib shoe number 1 complete! I think I’ll take a mini break before moving on to the 2nd!

Crib shoe #1

Mary Modelling Crib Shoe #1

More to come soon!


2 responses to “DIY Baby Clothes from T-shirts

  1. This is such an awesome idea! I’m excited to see how it turns out. Thanks for linking to my soft baby shoes pattern!

    • Thanks! And thanks for having the pattern online! I’ve looked everywhere for one I liked and most links are broken or just plain not what I wanted! Looking forward to posting the t-shirt version!

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