geek. mommy. me.

Ok, I never know what to write for About pages, but basically, I love video games, obscure TV shows, sci-fi, and British movies/TV… I’m also a bit of a crafter. I like to dabble in knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, etc. In this blog, you’ll probably not find anything that’s totally original, but maybe I’ll be able to point out some neat stuff, and maybe even how to save money by making it instead of buying it (oh, did I mention I’m a super thrifty shopper?). Every now and then, I might post something about something that’s not necessarily what you might think of as “geeky“, but that’s why the blog is called “geek. mommy. me.” … because it’s not just about “geeky,” but also about “mommy” and definitely ME stuff. I hope you find something enjoyable to read or at least laugh at if you do read this blog. Please keep any negative comments to yourself, though. My little brother might be reading this…

BTW, here’s my older blog that happens to have a decent amount of geekiness to it:

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