Everyone in my family and most of my friends knows that I HATE cleaning. Well, actually, I hate sorting through stuff and organizing it. If I get something or find something that doesn’t already have a place… um… um… *panic* What do I do with this?! Um… UM… *leaves it wherever it is* You get the idea. I’m also a bargain shopper and a sample mommy, so I’m constantly getting more and more samples and freebies or cheapies that were just being thrown into a box, or in the case of a really good deal on shaving cream, put under the sink in my bathroom where they were immediately forgotten.

Because of my lack of organization skills, I’ve accumulated a lot of things over the years that have been forgotten, misplaced, etc. and therefore I’d go out and buy it again thinking I needed it when I “ran out”. It’s been some time since I’ve admitted to inheriting my mother’s/grandmother’s hoarding issues (that they will both deny), but it was only just recently that I realized I was hoarding EMPTY BOXES. That’s right, people. EMPTY BOXES. Boxes from mailed packages, boxes from presents and baby items recently received, boxes from storage that we’d finally manage to unpack after living in this house for three years… (don’t worry, there are more of those!)


Those boxes are (slowly but surely) becoming organizing units for all the things I always hate organizing. Thus far, after only a few hours per couple of days, I’ve managed to thoroughly organize extra health and beauty items, such as toothpastes and brushes, shampoos/conditioners, etc., shaving items, lotions, and the list goes on. I still have to go through a few more things in our master bathroom (these organizing bouts usually happen in the wee hours of morning when my husband is sound asleep–yay pregnancy sleep schedules!), but I already know there isn’t much in there. I’ve also managed to reorganize most of my kitchen cabinets and now need to find a good way of keeping track of canned and frozen goods so I don’t keep re-buying them… All the baby stuff is pretty much already organized, give or take a few things I’m not entirely sure how I want to handle yet.

The next big thing after organizing everything will have to be getting rid of those empty boxes! *sigh* I don’t want to be a hoarder!!! End of rant.